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Think IT is all about technology?
Think again!

The biggest misunderstanding about IT is that it's about technology.

It's not.

It's 100% about business management.

So how do I bridge my knowledge gap between business operations and information technology?

Our technology coaching courses will get you up to speed!

How does your coaching work?

Delivered monthly in 6 online sessions, our Technology Coaching courses will take you from 'business technology novice' to an effective information management leader.

We avoid technical language wherever possible, and concentrate instead on understanding how information moves around your business and the role your IT systems play in automating and accelerating those processes.

What are the outcomes?

Completing our 6 month course will enable leadership teams to:

  • Create a technology strategy to support their business growth goals

  • Understand the role IT plays in their business and how to manage it effectively

  • Decide which technology functions can or should be outsourced and which should stay in house

  • Plan IT budgets into the future

How much does it cost?

Delivered on a group basis, with group size strictly limited, the price is £495 +VAT per month

Delivered one to one, the price is £995 +VAT per month

Why should I opt for one to one?

In our one to one sessions, we apply the insights and learnings directly to your own business. In this way, you will end up with a bespoke technology strategy to fuel your further growth.

Delivered by Jonathan Cozens
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Course details

An office computer with several windows open on the screen

Session 1

Fundamentals of business information management

Operational versus management data

Terms and terminology

A paper chart with an upwards trending graph

Session 2

Data generation, collection & curation

Business information flow

Functional dependencies

Forecasting and decision making

A man's cupped hands supporting an illuminated lightbulb

Session 3

The technology value pyramid

Hardware vs services

What to outsource, what to keep close to you

A notebook with notes and small sketches, and a book callled Never Settle

Session 4

The Productive Hour

Efficiency and productivity

Business messaging

An energy meter dashboard counting kilowatt hours

Session 5

Dashboards & decision making

Sensitivity analysis


A pair of rolling dice

Session 6

The role of IT in business risk management

Business growth & the technology roadmap

Course options

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